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Learn why since 1962 Dural Door elevator doors and frames have withstood the test of time with over 60,000 doors in New York City alone. Dural Door manufactures the strongest most durable doors and frames to go above and beyond existing safety requirements. Our speed in producing doors and repairs is second to none.

If you are an Elevator Company interested in a strong reliable product that can be manufactured fast we would love to hear from you. Please view our products and repair items below for more details about what Dural Door can do for you. For a quote please give us a call, email, or fax. We go to the job and measure for you!


Elevator Door & Entrance Products/Repair line

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Single Swing Entrances

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Double Swing Entrances (Freight  Entrance)

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Slide Swing Entrances (Freight Entrance)

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Single Speed Slide Entrances

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Two Speed Slide Entrances

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Single Speed Center Opening Entrances

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Two Speed Center Opening Slide Entrances

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Three Speed Slide Entrances

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New Sidewalk Elevator Entrance

  • ALL Dural doors and frames are 1&1/2 hour tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and accepted by New York City with an "MEA" listing.
  • ALL Dural doors and frames available in painted primer, painted enamel, stainless steel #4 and #8 finishes, or bronze #4 and #8 finishes.

Elevator Door & Entrance Parts

  • Safety Gibbs

  • Sill Blocks 

  • Pit Ladders

  • Elevator Car Platforms

  • (GAL) Headers 

  • Structural Angles and Flat Stock Bar

  • GAL Top of Door Adapters Bars

  • Slide Swing Guide Shoe Boots

  • Slide Swing Pull Chain Locks

Our Proudest Moment

Wallgreens Times Square NYC

Wallgreens Times Square NYC. Over 160 doors manufactured for this building!

Madison Square Garden & One Penn Plaza

Yankee Stadium

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