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Elevator entrances and door.jpg

Elevator Entrances and Doors 

Two Speed Center Opening Slide Entrance
Two Speed Center Opening Elevator

Two speed center opening slide entrance made for the "1 subway line" at 168th street in Manhattan. This is one of many projects we have manufactured for the transit authority (MTA). 

​Elevator Swing Entrance
Elevator Swing Entrance with Rixion

This is an Elevator swing entrance & door with rixon(left) overhead door check (right) manufactured at our Dural Door factory. (we can also fabricate the swing frame as well). These doors are available with a circle, diamond or square vision panel. Also all of our doors can be manufactured in painted primer, painted enamel, stainless steel #4, stainless steel #8, bronze #4 or bronze #8 style finish.

Sidewalk Elevator Entrance

Check out our first sidewalk elevator! NEW to the Dural Door Company product selection!

Sidewalk Elevator Entrance

Sidewalk elevator entrance closed

Sidewalk Elevator

Entrance fully opened doors self close

Sidewalk Elevator Door

View from the back of the sidewalk elevator

Custom Elevator Doors
Custom Elevator Doors

Here is a special recessed door that we can manufacture. If you have a material, like the bronze design in this picture, we can re-use an old fashion design to incorporate it into a custom new swing door! Don't lose the beautiful design work of your old elevator door. Keep that beautiful old fashion look with the functioning aspect of a new, strong, high quality elevator door. ​


NOTE: We do not make the bronze material design in this door. This is material from an older door that we can use to make you a new door with an old beautiful look.

Elevator Frames
Elevator Frame
Custome Elevator Frame.jpg

Here is an image of an elevator frame used for one of our swing doors. Elevator Frames can be made to order without purchasing a door if needed.

Slide Swing Freight Door
Slide Swing Freight Elevator Door

This is a Slide Swing Freight Elevator Door and Entrance manufactured from our Dural Door factory. This elevator entrance is available in: painted primer, painted enamel, stainless steel #4, stainless steel #8, bronze #4 or bronze #8 finishes.

Elevator Repairs
Elevator Door Repair
Elevator Repair

We are experts in repairing elevator doors. Do you have a door that is damaged in need of repair? Bring it into our shop and we will work our magic! Check out some of our repair work.

More Dural Door Product Images Coming Soon!

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