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Elevator entrance hall station cut outs.

Elevator hall station

Hall station cut outs can be a tricky measurement when manufacturing new elevator entrances. Trust Dural Door to measure precisely!

Dural Door Company Inc is an elevator door manufacturer since 1962. We also manufacturer elevator entrances, parts, and sidewalk/basement cellar hatch door entrances. When measuring for new entrances it is cost and time effective to reuse the existing hall station equipment.

Dural Door goes to each job to measure your clients elevator entrances to make sure, not only that the entrance and doors are measured correctly, but also the hall station and hall station indicator cut outs or measured correctly. We're pretty good at what we do but just in case something is wrong we'll fix it right away. We are Johnny on the spot when it comes to customer service. Please email for a no obligation quote on all types of elevator entrances: single swing elevator entrance double swing elevator entrance, single speed elevator entrance, two speed elevator entrance, three speed elevator entrance, and freight elevator entrances.

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