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Why NYC has so many swing elevator entrances (with rixon)

NYC is well known for having elevator swing entrances that operate either with an overhead door check or a rixon operator. In this image we show a left hand swing entrance with a rixon top and bottom pivot.

These entrances were popular at the beginning of the early 1900's when space was tight and the technology for the more popular slide elevator entrances was not operational. Many swing elevator entrances are still present today and continue to be the common elevator entrance in many NYC buildings due to lack of space, lack of funding or other reasons. These entrances can cause problems when they age because the keeper (a safety mechanism on the elevator door) does not make connection to the interlock in the elevator frame. When this problem occurs it can cause the elevator to shut down throughout the whole building.

Fortunately Dural Door Company Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing swing entrances. Whether it is building an elevator swing entrance around a tricky rixon operator or using an overhead door we are an elevator entrance manufacturer you can trust. We are the company to call to get your elevator back up and running with a new swing entrance. Find out more about the different types of elevator entrances we provide by visiting our website

by emailing us at or calling 718-729-1333.

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