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Why spend so much money on a new elevator door? Let Dural Door Company repair it for a fraction of t

We just recently recladed these curved elevator car doors at 1225 Franklin Ave Garden City NY with new Stainless #4 finish. These doors were damaged with the existing stainless falling off. Reclading elevator doors is Dural Door Company's specialty. Whether it is regular steel, stainless, or bronze we can reclad your broken door. We also repair elevator doors with a top or bottom channel that is damaged. Our door repairs are not limited to just slide elevator doors, we also repair swing doors. 

Repairing an existing elevator door is a great way to save yourself or your clients money. On average repairing a door is 50% cheaper than purchasing a new elevator door. Dural Door Company has repaired many elevator doors damaged by the fire department and other incidents. Save yourself and clients money by bringing in a wrecked elevator door to Dural Door Company.

Please give us a call at 718-729-1333 or email us at 

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