All About Elevator Entrances 

September 26, 2018

Taking the time to assure quality with each elevator entrance is why we have been able to serve the NYC area for over 50 years.

September 5, 2018

Made to withstand the great outdoors, three speed stainless steel elevator doors. Stainless steel is one of the top 4 metals to withstand weather.

Flexible manufacturing processes allow Dural Door to prioritize urgent elevator door requests. Dural Door provides quick turn around on elevator entrances and doors for shut down elevators. We know your clients depend on quality elevator service and we are here to help...

Dural Door Company Inc is an expert in manufacturing elevator doors cladded in rigidized stainless steel.

It's what on the inside that counts. metal ribs inside our doors are just one of the reasons we make the strongest elevator door on the market.

Hall station cut outs can be a tricky measurement when manufacturing new elevator entrances. Trust Dural Door to measure precisely!

Dural Door Company Inc is an elevator door manufacturer since 1962. We also manufacturer elevator entrances, parts, and sidewalk/basement...

Why wait weeks and spend all that money for a new elevator door? Have Dural Door Company Inc. repair your elevator door for a fraction of the price in as little as one day! Have your team bring in the elevator door and we'll send them back that day with the door ready...

No need to risk measuring wrong again when ordering elevator doors! Save time and money by having Dural Door go to the job and measure for you.

April 23, 2018

Each of our elevator entrances come equip with one of our custom made saddles, whether it is a swing entrance, or slide entrance. The image above shows a swing entrance saddle made to accept an rixon arm closer. Our saddles are made with diamond plate steel so you can...

Dural Door explains why elevator swing doors are so popular in NYC. Dural Door Company is an industry leader in elevator swing entrances and is the go to manufacturer to replace any swing entrances.

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